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Some people think music education is a privilege,

but I think it’s essential to being human. - Jewel – singer/songwriter/instrumentalist

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Hi, I’m Roxy — a creative soul who values music, laughter and community as the pillar of my programs and projects.  As a musician, music teacher, Music Therapist, and children’s entertainer I get to laugh, sing and play everyday!

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My Mission
My Philosophy
My Passion

Music Together®

Sing, dance, drum and jam with the whole family!  Make beautiful memories at one of our research-based and funfilled classes!  We explore musical play, child-friendly instruments, songbooks and CD’s to use at home to further develop a beautiful bond with your child.

Music Lessons

Develop core music foundations through a unique style of instruction that integrates games, technology based learning and collaborative music making.  This approach inspires creativity, increase motivation and accomodates shared musical experiences.

Music Therapy

Under the guidance of an accredited music therapist, explore music as a motivator and avenue for working towards non-musical goals such as: social skills, language, motor skills, emotional well-being, decreasing anxiety and more.

Family Entertainment

A crazy clan of characters bring roving tom-foolery, live music, facepainting, baloon animals, play-along jams or stage shows…among other tricks up their sleeves.

logo music together + noteMusic TogetherSing, dance, drum and jam with the whole family!  Make beautiful memories at one of our research-based and funfilled classes!  We explore musical play, child-friendly instruments, songbooks and CD’s to use at home to further develop a beautiful bond with your child.  Discover how music supports their social, motor and language development!

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pianoGuitar Lessons

Piano and Guitar Lessons…

…at the RoxyFx studio develop core music foundations.  Games and activities in a supportive and playful environment compliment their learning to support musical curiosity and creativity.  Lessons are tailored to bring out the best in each student, highlighting their strengths and interests as they become confident and capable of creating and improvising music, sight reading new songs, playing familiar songs by ear, composing songs using standard music notation, improvise music with ease.  Lessons are 1hr, shared between two students on Tu, Wed or Th.  Shared lessons are a community music making model, allowing for us to perform and learn music together!

For more info, please read the 2013-2014 – RoxyFx Studio Policy

Adapted Lessons.  

Often the guitar and piano can be adapted (ie. in cases of limited mobility or learning challenges).  Please contact me if you or your child has special needs, so that we can create an succesful learning environment. My Music Therapy background has also given me strategies to keep very active children engaged and support a variety of developmental challenges. Depending on your child’s needs, Music Therapy may be a more suitable program.   music labs bw-basic

Music Labs …

…are technology enhanced learning — an approach that inspires creativity, increases motivation, enhances learning and allows students to collaborate and share their music experiences with others.  Through computer programs, attached MIDI keyboards/guitars, notation software and more, students will have an opportunity to reinforce concepts we learn in lessons, explore composition and sequencing, create their own music, enhance listening skills and so much more.  Music labs are integrated into every lesson to ensure frequent access and review of learning, enhancing the long-term memory of the music knowledge they gain.  

Music Therapy.001

Music Therapy

uses the natural responses children have to music in order to help them work towards non-musical goals such as: social skills, language & communication, emotional well-being, attention span and motor skills. Music therapy can be used with individuals of various ages, abilities, musical, or non-musical backgrounds.

Music Therapists 

work with the family and other professionals to determine what areas are important for the child to learn and grow in, then after an assessment of the child’s strength’s, formulate a plan to use music interventions to help them acheive success in these areas.  In Canada they are accredited by the Canadian Association of Music Therapy, having completed a Bachelor’s degree (4 years) and Internship.  They are trained to make assessments & observations, create goals and objectives with the individual or family, start treatment plans and evaluate progress of plans. They develop skills on two or more instruments (usually piano, voice or guitar), learn music history and theory, have training in normal human development and psychology, and learn tools and techniques for making music accessible to non-musicians.

I specialize in working with children with special needs who may may benefit from individual or group music therapy to develop social skills, emotional skills, communication skills and more.  Please contact me for more information.


Family EntertainmentFamily-friendly characters are a perfect addition to:

  • tradeshows
  • birthday parties
  • festivals
  • community events
  • BBQ’s
  • Family/High School Reunions
  • …and more!


Click here for more information and a selection of characters to choose from.

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People are talking…

Since Roxy began to teach my daughter Atira to play the piano, there has been a huge improvement in her confidence, talent, and knowledge of music. She is expressing herself a lot more and is excited about what she is learning. This experience has included myself. It has been wonderful and exciting journey, joining my daughter in learning the piano. Thanks Roxy!
Sancha, parent
I have always wanted to learn to play piano and now as an adult have the opportunity and am loving it! This is due largely in part to Roxy’s fantastic ability to teach from songs I enjoy – no Mary Had a Little Lamb for me! I am just finishing my second year of lessons and can’t wait to take more next year!
Ramona, adult piano student
Q. In 3 words or less, what was your recital experience like? “A – MAZ- ING!” 
Matt, student

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